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Nick Washington
Nick Washington
Great customer service! Came in and gave me a fair offer. I definitely recommend!
Daniel Gitani
Daniel Gitani
Bobby was incredible helped us out. Honest guy🙏🏼
Alex Budeanu
Alex Budeanu
Great shop love you doing business with this gentleman very knowledgeable very fast Will buy you’re jewelry and will sell you great jewelry
Mars Solis
Mars Solis
Great service. Super friendly. Everything done with honestly Would come again
Incredible at giving you what you're looking for. Experienced and knowledgeable. Recommend for anyone looking for the best.
Antonio Hernandez Jr
Antonio Hernandez Jr
Nabid was great he was straight up and got straight to business I appreciate this man , he did his best to help me out , and make sure I left happy with my sold items .
Oeh Mai
Oeh Mai
Navid was great! Love this place! I’ll definitely be back.
Angel Campos
Angel Campos
quick and easy no hastle
Sooyun Yi
Sooyun Yi
Very friendly and seems honest and gave me good price
Markyss Milton
Markyss Milton
Amazing service

  Came through cash 4 gold and he hooked me up with a great deal. Was quick and fast with a good estimate

thumb Randy E.

  Easy transaction sold my vintage Rolex here paid cash right away no hassle. I would highly recommend this place super easy and gave me a good amount for Rolex

thumb Stella Garcia ..

  Brought a couple pieces here that I know I'll never wear again. Fast, easy, friendly, and gave me a fair price! Would highly recommend!

thumb Iris I.

  Honest and very straight forward service I am glad I came I didn't feel like I was hustled or taken advantage and as a women that was really important to me I will definitely be back in the future.

thumb Gina A.

  Quick and easy! He was fair with the price, and I would return for sure! I definitely recommend selling and buying your gold here

thumb Bri R.

  Happy with the service!! I had a gold crown & reached out ahead to see if they purchased those by messaging on Yelp-I had a timely response & when I arrived, parking was a little challenging so I called and the owner came outside to my car (just outside the store) & helped me. He tested the metal & gave cash on the spot. Thank you

thumb Kary W.

  I received excellent service from Navid, was very Respectful and Welcoming. He showed me some beautiful pieces and also gave me an amazing deal on my bracelet. Forsure better then most shops downtown, will definitely be returning soon. Looking for good deals on jewelry or looking to sell, talk to Navid. Highly Recommended!!!

thumb Mustafa M.

  Welp..Navid was fair until he wasn't. He said if I could get $400 for and item take it, only to proceed to offer me $150.00. Navid you did me wrong and you know it.

thumb Kathryn Y.

  Easy place to find and super convenient with the parking garage next to to. We were in and out in 20 minutes . I appreciated the honesty when it came down to selling the jewelry I came with.

His wife was there too and she was super sweet!

I definitely found my go to place when it comes to selling jewelry I have.

thumb Valerie L.

  Unprofessional and unreliable. I had two gold bars to sell. I spoke to Navid over the phone. He said they pay $50 to $100 less than the market per ounce. I told him I have others who who will pay me $50 less and if he is going to deduct less, I won't sell to him. He said no problem and to take it to him. I arrive to his store and no one is in. I call him and he says his business partner will be there in 10 minutes. 30 minutes later, Bobby comes but refuses to pay $50 below. He asked if I'll take $70 below for each which I refused. Thanm you for wasting my time

In reply to his comment:
No sir I was not rude. In fact I was very calm. I also called you twice right after I left and you didn't pick up. So please don't make up false facts. Last, if you are not the one doing the deal at least make sure your business partner is in agreement to honor the $50 reduction.

thumb Justin M.