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Welcome to our gemstone purchasing service! We specialize in acquiring only the finest quality gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, and alexandrites, all certified for authenticity and quality. Our evaluation process meticulously considers daily market prices, gemstone size, and quality grades from reputable laboratories. Even if your gemstone lacks certification, our in-house specialists can expertly assess its value and make a fair offer. Trust us to provide transparent and competitive valuations for your precious gemstones. Visit us today to uncover the true worth of your gems with confidence.
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Cash4Gold and Diamond
True Facet
The Realreal
Auction Houses
Length of time for item to sell
Direct: immediate Marketplace: 1-2 weeks
10-15 days to list item, not including sale
Requires that you allow 180 days to sell item
3-4 months on average
Eligible items
All types of jewelry, diamonds, watches
Contemp. signed pieces only and items < 10 years old
Mainly branded / signed pieces
Typically very high end pieces only
Third Party Appraisal
Included with purchase
Commission Fee
Direct offer option

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